Tutorial How to Install RSS Drama for Kodi Hong Kong Taiwan China Thailand Japan Korea Dramas Movies

Update Jan 20 2017
After install first link, use below RSS for more dramas and anime channels.
RSS Dramago link rss://irss.se/dramago Asian Drama
RSS HD FREE SE link rss://myrss.nu/drama Drama & Movies & Shows   <- WORKING!
RSS Icdrama link rss://irss.se/dramas Asian Channel  <- NOT WORKING NOW
RSS AnimePlusTV link rss://irss.se/animeplustv.php Anime

If you are looking for dramas, TV shows and movies from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan and Korea, here you can just add one URL into Kodi without installing any repository or add-on. How about that? Simple?

I use this RSS media source as backup for ICDrama and Dramago.

Kodi supports RSS feeds as video and audio sources. This means RSS entities are browsable in Kodi interface, along with thumbnails and other metadata if available, after you add the RSS source.
So now learn how to add RSS media source into Kodi.


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Tutorial How to install SALTS for Kodi 16.0 Jarvis using SuperRepo

Mar 30 2017 Updated to Version 2-0-169
- Fix bug in image scraper and fix proxy cache causing Refresh to not work
- Randomly shuffle unsorted sources

Stream All The Sources or SALTS is one of my favorite video addons. It is a very popular video addon for Kodi that allows you to get streams from many different sources, giving you a large number of working, high definition sources at your TV screen. Users can also manually configure SALTS after installation to optimize movies search results. Furthermore, SALTS supports trakt.tv integration to keep your video collections and lists synchronized across devices.

SALTS is developed by same people that created 1Channel. It has replaced GENESIS in some aspects and has a proven track record of consistent updates and maintenance. It has everything we need in a high quality addon. If you know how to configure SALTS and control source results to better suit your own preferentces, then you might find SALTS is the ONLY video addon you need.

There are few ways to download and install SALTS into your Kodi. Here I show you the easiest way to install through SuperRepo Repository. In the next article, I will show you how to install SALTS directly from the source to your devices.

So here we go...


Tutorial How to install latest SALTS for Kodi 16.0 Jarvis using direct source

Mar 30 2017 Updated to Version 2-0-169
- Fix bug in image scraper and fix proxy cache causing Refresh to not work
- Randomly shuffle unsorted sources

Installation of SALTS addon is very easy via repository like Superrepo. However, you are also install a lot of unwanted music, video and program addons at the same time. The installed addons are not the latest most of the time. You will have to wait for auto update triggered by Kodi.

If you like to have the latest version on SALTS on first installation, as well as keep your files to minimum, then you should install addons direct from it parent repository. Here is how can you do it on SALTS.

My example is based on SALTS 2.0.53. The current version is SALTS 2.0.105 as of Oct 20 2016.


Tutorial How to Install ZemTV for Kodi

Mar 30 2017 Updated to Version 6-4-7
SC quicktix

ZemTV add-on is named after a Pakistani news channels website initially. This add-on is no stranger to sport fans in Kodi community. ZemTV Kodi add-on by Shani streams Pakistani news from ZemTV.com, which you may or may not interested in. This add-on also comes with a movie section focusing on international and Bollywood content. But the best part of this add-on is the sports section with over 10 working websites that pull in streams and live channels for all of the most popular Sports channels from around the world: BT Sports, Bein, TSN, ESPN, Showtime, Sky, and more! As well, all PPV events are well represented in the add-on with numerous links.

You must try out this add-on!

The sport365 section of this add-on is blocked in the UK. If you want to use that section then you will need a VPN


Tutorial How to Install Phoenix for Kodi

Mar 30 2017 Updated to Version 3-2-6
Fixed Numeric Title Bug and repaired several sources

Phoenix has been updated to v3.2.6. If you missed the news, One242415 is leaving the Phoenix add-on in favour of his own add-on coming soon. He has offered to keep his section active until his new add-on is ready, but there won’t be any new updates after April 1st.

Kodi Phoenix 3.x is completely revamped by it's developers. It is now a all-in-one add-on with movies, tv shows, sports etc. This is the must have add-on for Kodi TV and it is getting better and better all the time.


Tutorial How to Install Zen for Kodi

Mar 30 2017 Updated to Version 2017-03-30
- Update Providers - New Providers
- Tweaked caching and results
- Added checks and filters for unplayables streams and archives
- tweaked missing headers for auto web requests

Zen is a new Kodi add-on focuses on high quality movies only. So if you are movie fans, you know what to do now. Zen might be like Exodus or Specto but they also scrape the movies from other sources.


Tutorial How to Install VideoDevil for Kodi - ADULT MOVIES AND CONTENT

Mar 29 2017 Updated to Version 1-7-158
- Updated: pornhub
- Fixed: catcher

VideoDevil is aother popular XXX ADULT add-on that you can find on Kodi. Video Devil features more than 35 porn sites with some familiar names such as PronHub, YouPorn, Tube8, Boysfood, xHamster, KeezMovies, RedTube and many more, all available in this one addon. This addon contains explicit adult material, hence you need to be 18+ to install it.