Tutorial How to install latest SALTS for Kodi 16.0 Jarvis using direct source

  • 30 March 2017 |
  • Published in Add-ons

Mar 30 2017 Updated to Version 2-0-169
- Fix bug in image scraper and fix proxy cache causing Refresh to not work
- Randomly shuffle unsorted sources

Installation of SALTS addon is very easy via repository like Superrepo. However, you are also install a lot of unwanted music, video and program addons at the same time. The installed addons are not the latest most of the time. You will have to wait for auto update triggered by Kodi.

If you like to have the latest version on SALTS on first installation, as well as keep your files to minimum, then you should install addons direct from it parent repository. Here is how can you do it on SALTS.

My example is based on SALTS 2.0.53. The current version is SALTS 2.0.105 as of Oct 20 2016.

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