Tutorial How to Change Screen Keyboard Language in Kodi Krypton

Majority of Kodi's addons today is in English. The default keyboard setting for Kodi is English (Romans alphabet). This is very convenient to most of the users.  

However, there are some addons that is using Chinese, Arabic language etc, especially Youtube addons that contains almost every languages possible. For example, you can use Simplified Chinese to search for videos with title in Chinese. This is also to videos with title in other languages.

There is a way you can set Kodi's screen keyboard to the characters set that you want, and use it to search video's title in that specific language.


Tutorial How to Change Language in Kodi

Kodi is available in 75 languages and is set to English by default. However, if your native language is not English, then you can choose your most preferred language for Kodi display. It just take a few simple clicks to complete the task, so try it!

Take note that this will change Kodi language interface but not the language of add-ons. The menus and structure of add-ons most likely still in English.

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