Tutorial How to Install IcDrama for Kodi

  • 10 April 2017 |
  • Published in Add-ons

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(New) Updated 12-May-2018: Icdrama 1.8.2 released. If you found 1.8.1 not working, update to newly released 1.8.2.

If your tv box already have icdrama 1.8.1 but cannot auto update, then try this:
- uninstall icdrama addon first
- then uninstall incrama repo
- go to install from zip, then reinstall icdrama repo followed by icdrama addon.
You should see icdrama 1.8.2.

(Old) Updated 19-Apr-2018: Some of the links of Icdrama 1.8.x are not working. Please wait for developers' fix.

(Old) Updated 5-Apr-2018: icdrama 1.8.1 released to fix issues encountered in older Kodi. Note if you have already updated to 1.8.0 and works on your tvbox, then better don't update again.

(Old) Updated 4-Apr-2018: Icdrama 1.8.0 released. If you have problem with update, direct download this zip repository.aznhusband-kodi-repo-1.0.1.zip and install. You should be able to watch dramas again. Thanks to developers.

For those who has the problem installing icdrama repo, please make sure you have deleted old icdrama repo from cthlo completely from your tv box before installing aznhusband's repo.

Update is automatic if you have the repo previously. If not, go to https://aznhusband.github.io/ and install repo then icdrama add-on. You can also give RSS Media Reader a try to watch dramas using Android or iOS app.

Finally I have time to rewrite tutorial how to install icdrama under Kodi 17 Krypton. Icdrama is a popular addon to watch movies and dramas from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan. 

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