Tutorial How to Install Exodus for Kodi

  • 10 April 2017 |
  • Published in Video

If you just updatedExodus and having problems, go into settings and clear cache + providers - I do that most times I use it and not a problem here.

Apr 9 2017 Updated to Version 3.1.8

The Debrid authorize in Exodus was redundant, has been removed. Just go into settings > URLResolver > authorize debrid in there.

Updated existing providers (satanuke)
Added and updated French providers
Added and updated German providers
Updated Polish providers
Added Blazingfast support
Remote old Debrid code
NOTE: You might have to reconfigure your Debrid service in URLResolver Settings


Exodus Kodi Add-ons – Lambda, creator of Genesis, has released the Exodus Kodi add-on, a brand new multi-source Kodi add-on for movies and television!

This is the video add-on that I like most. It can find more high quality video stream for you.

Kindly note that Exodus is not an official part of Kodi you are running, and therefore not to be mentioned within official support channels, this addon has nothing to do with the Kodi itself, nor it’s intended use, it is simply a third party plugin which has been added to your system.

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