• 14 October 2017 |
  • Published in TV Box

Did you buy a tv box because the seller told that you can have free movies and tv program and even cut the cord right away?

Did you buy a tv box to watch IPTV, then after few months the box was not able to stream program anymore and seller told you to upgrade to new box?

Did you buy a tv box but later found that you the hardware not allow you to upgrade to higher Android version?

Did you buy a tv box but now it is sitting on the desk collecting dusk because you can not use it to do something else?

Hey, so why don't you just DIY your own TV box within your budget, learn how to configure and upgrade the box and able to reuse the box for other projects? Here, I will share with you my experiences to build tv box for home entertainment from a non technical housewife. So here we go!


A First Look at Asus Tinker Board

Asus is taking on the Raspberry Pi with its own single-board computer that offers 4K video playback and 24-bit audio support. The "Asus 90MB0QY1-M0EAY0 Tinker Board," or "Tinker Board", has better hardware specifications compared with Raspberry Pi 3.
The new board was released last month but only available in UK and Taiwan initially. Shipment cost is much higher than the board if I were to purchase from UK sellers. Major Taiwan online marketplace only accept credit card from local bank and domestic shipment.

I just found out that this board also available last week at However, the shipment cost is very high from US to Malaysia. I was not able to find any sellers from Malaysia and Singapore.
However, I was able to get this board from a seller in Taiwan through facebook. Got the board last week!

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