Tutorial How to Install Kodi 17 Krypton into Asus Tinker Board

In the last article I was using TinkerOS 1.4 Debian V1.4 on Asus Tinker Board. Things were moving fast for Asus team. They have released TinkerOS_Debian V1.8 (Beta version) and TinkerOS_Android V13.11.0.2 (Beta version) at the support website.

This time I am trying out TinkerOS_Android V13.11.0.2 (Beta version), then side load Kodi 17 Krypton. Most of the 1080p and 720p movies and TV shows are displayed at SD quality (not sure was that due to GPU issue). However, video quality is good for other apps (like iQiYi, Youku...), as well as downloaded files for 4K movies (there is a 4K app comes together with TinkerOS).

Latest news is that there is patch to the fix issue using librkffplayer.so from http://github.com/JamesLinEngineer/RKMC/tree/Jarvis/RKMC-Patches/rk322x/Android6.0 and display on FTMC (a fork of Kodi). I will try to explore this later.


Tutorial How to Install SkyNet Video Add-on for Kodi 17 Krypton

SkyNet is a great add-on for Kodi that let you watch movies with great quality, from SD, HD, Full HD and up to 4K. You can also have IPTV / Live TV from USA, UK and all over the world, Boxsets, Live sports as well as Sports on demand, Kids, Cartoons and Anime, Music and much more. There are also new releases at lower quality.

It is also comes with the popular add-ons such as Silent Hunter, Dojo Streams, Maverick TV and Supremacy. So you can enjoy all these add-ons as well.


Kodi 17 Installation and VPNs Setup on Raspberry Pi 2 & 3: A Step-by-Step Guide To Install OSMC And Four Different VPNs On Raspberry Pi 2/3

Kodi is an impressive open source home entertainment platform that is very easy to use, free, powerful and flexible. You can spend endless hours streaming TV, movies, sports, music and many other contents via Kodi.

The problems are:

1) Security: There are a lot of anonymous third-parties contributors that develop Kodi addons. There are no guarantees those addons are "clean and friendly".

2) Privacy: Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) knows that you are watching tons of pay-TV for free and that is a real cause of concern.

3) Live TV and sport channels are commonly blocked based on geo-location and you are unable to stream the content.


A First Look at Asus Tinker Board

Asus is taking on the Raspberry Pi with its own single-board computer that offers 4K video playback and 24-bit audio support. The "Asus 90MB0QY1-M0EAY0 Tinker Board," or "Tinker Board", has better hardware specifications compared with Raspberry Pi 3.
The new board was released last month but only available in UK and Taiwan initially. Shipment cost is much higher than the board if I were to purchase from UK sellers. Major Taiwan online marketplace only accept credit card from local bank and domestic shipment.

I just found out that this board also available last week at Amazon.com. However, the shipment cost is very high from US to Malaysia. I was not able to find any sellers from Malaysia and Singapore.
However, I was able to get this board from a seller in Taiwan through facebook. Got the board last week!


Tutorial How to Install Exodus for Kodi

If you just updatedExodus and having problems, go into settings and clear cache + providers - I do that most times I use it and not a problem here.

Apr 9 2017 Updated to Version 3.1.8

The Debrid authorize in Exodus was redundant, has been removed. Just go into settings > URLResolver > authorize debrid in there.

Updated existing providers (satanuke)
Added and updated French providers
Added and updated German providers
Updated Polish providers
Added Blazingfast support
Remote old Debrid code
NOTE: You might have to reconfigure your Debrid service in URLResolver Settings


Exodus Kodi Add-ons – Lambda, creator of Genesis, has released the Exodus Kodi add-on, a brand new multi-source Kodi add-on for movies and television!

This is the video add-on that I like most. It can find more high quality video stream for you.

Kindly note that Exodus is not an official part of Kodi you are running, and therefore not to be mentioned within official support channels, this addon has nothing to do with the Kodi itself, nor it’s intended use, it is simply a third party plugin which has been added to your system.


Tutorial How to Install IcDrama for Kodi

(New) Updated Apr 10 2017: Icdrama 1.2.6 released today. https://cthlo.github.io/cthlo-kodi-repo/zips/plugin.video.icdrama/ 

(New) Updated Apr 7 2017: Anzhusband created a patch "icdrama" to fix the issue. Download from here or use the link provided by TY (at Comments area).

(New) Update Apr 1 2017: icdrama 1.2.5 is having "Failed to resolve URL" problem. We have to wait until developer fix the problem. Can not live without tv dramas? try this much simpler method using RSS feed. Click here

(Old) Updated Feb 7 2017:icdrama 1.2.5 is released TODAY. It works according to forums/ facebook groups. Download now to fix url problem! 

(Old) Updated Jan 19 2017: If you have problem install ICDrama fro github, try this much simpler method using RSS feed. Click here




2. You can go to https://cthlo.github.io/cthlo-kodi-repo/zips/plugin.video.icdrama/ and download latest video plugin "plugin.video.icdrama-1.2.5.zip" on your PC, then transfer to your TV Box. I have tested and works. Older versions are not working. Do not download.

3. You can also register and login to http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=275803 and feedback to the author.

Hello, if you are big fan for movies and tv shows from Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan, here is another greate addon - icdrama. It is newly created by cthlo. 

This addon requires a dependency (script.module.urlresolver) that is included in the repo (repository.cthlo-kodi-repo). So please install the repository.

You can also report any issues or suggest features at https://github.com/cthlo/plugin.video.icdrama/issues


Tutorial How to Install Specto for Kodi

Apr 10 2017 Updated to 2017-04-08-1 
- documentation not available.

movies and TV shows from many websites, including foreign languages movies. Forked from Genesis by MrKnow, Specto comes with all the great features from its predecessor and it’s frequently updated. It supports library integration, video downloading, automatic subtitles and Trakt.tv.

So here we go...